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K-Cup Sampler

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Our best sampler yet, beautifully designed to be used for self-indulgence or as a gift

Includes two K-cup pods of each of our top-selling ground coffees:

  • Epicurean
  • 100% Colombian
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Guatemalan Dark Roast
  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut

Dive into a world of flavor with our K-cup Sampler, a carefully curated selection from J.B. Marshall Coffee Company. Designed for both self-indulgence and gift-giving, this sampler is an exquisite way to experience our top-selling ground coffees, all conveniently packaged in K-cup pods.

Our K-cup Sampler is a journey through the wide range of flavors we proudly offer. It begins with the sophisticated taste of our Epicurean blend, a coffee connoisseur's delight. Next, explore the rich, full-bodied profile of our 100% Colombian coffee, stamped and approved by the Colombian Coffee Federation. The journey continues with our Breakfast Blend, a refreshing and balanced coffee that's perfect for kick-starting your day.

Venture further with our Guatemalan Dark Roast, a robust coffee that showcases the unique flavors of its origin. Then, allow the sweet, creamy notes of our French Vanilla blend to whisk you away. Finally, savor the warm, nutty flavor of our Hazelnut coffee, a comforting blend that's a treat for the senses.

Each K-cup Sampler includes two K-cup pods of each of these six top-selling ground coffees, providing a variety of tasting experiences and allowing you to discover your personal favorites.

Beautifully packaged, our K-cup Sampler makes a perfect gift for the coffee enthusiasts in your life, or a treat for yourself. It's an invitation to explore the breadth of J.B. Marshall's quality coffee offerings, a passport to a world of flavor.

At J.B. Marshall, we're passionate about creating coffee experiences that transform the everyday into an exploration of flavor. With our K-cup Sampler, we invite you to discover the diversity of our coffee collection, to experience the joy of flavor exploration, and to join us on our continuing journey through the rich world of coffee.