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Sea Salt Caramel

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Buttery caramel with hints of caramelized sugar and a touch of sea salt

Ground  |  Available in 12oz bags and 2.25oz packets (20 packets per box)

Bundle and save: buy three 12oz bags, save $3 or six bags, save $12

Indulge in the luscious experience of our Sea Salt Caramel Coffee, an enticing blend from J.B. Marshall Coffee Company. This unique coffee captures the heavenly combination of creamy, buttery caramel with a touch of sea salt, wrapped in the deep, rich profile of our high-quality coffee.

Our Sea Salt Caramel Coffee is a sweet lover's dream, offering a symphony of flavors from the very first sip. It begins with the indulgent taste of buttery caramel, setting a sumptuously sweet stage. This sweetness is deepened by the notes of caramelized sugar, and then brilliantly contrasted with a touch of sea salt. The result is a tantalizing blend that marries the comforting richness of caramel with the complexity of sea salt, all perfectly balanced by the robust notes of our meticulously selected coffee.

Upon brewing, the irresistible aroma of our Sea Salt Caramel blend fills your surroundings, promising a taste of luxury and comfort. It's a delightful treat for any time of the day, perfect for a leisurely morning, a sweet afternoon break, or a cozy evening in.

We offer our Sea Salt Caramel Coffee as a finely ground blend, available in both 12oz bags and 2.25oz packets. Each box contains 20 packets, providing a consistent, indulgent experience with every brew.

At J.B. Marshall, we're passionate about delivering coffee experiences that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. With our Sea Salt Caramel Coffee, we invite you to explore the delightful dance of sweet and salty, to indulge in the richness of life, and to journey with us in the wonderful world of coffee.