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100% Colombian Whole Bean (5lb Bag)

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The richest coffee in the world, approved and stamped by the Colombian Coffee Federation

Whole bean |  Available in a 5lb bag

Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of our 100% Colombian Whole Bean coffee, proudly presented by J.B. Marshall Coffee Company. Housed in a substantial 5lb bag, these beans carry within them the soul of Colombia's finest coffee-growing regions, offering an unparalleled journey of taste and aroma.

Our beans are more than a product; they're an assurance of quality. Every bag carries the approval and stamp of the Colombian Coffee Federation, an emblem of authenticity that affirms the world-class status of our beans. Sourced from the lush, high-altitude regions of Colombia, these beans encapsulate the essence of the land they come from, resulting in a flavor profile that is as rich as it is complex.

The 100% Colombian Whole Beans are a delight to the senses from the moment you open the bag. Their aroma teases with notes of caramel and cocoa, hinting at the flavor adventure that awaits. Once ground and brewed, these beans unveil their full spectrum of flavors: an initial burst of sweet chocolate, followed by a subtle fruity undertone, rounded off by a pleasantly tart aftertaste.

As a whole bean product, this coffee offers an added layer of freshness and customization. You have the freedom to grind the beans as coarse or as fine as you prefer, allowing you to extract the desired strength and flavor to match your coffee-making method and taste preference. This flexibility ensures that every cup you brew is as unique as you are.

Our 5lb bag is perfect for the dedicated coffee lover or a household of coffee enthusiasts. The generous quantity ensures you always have the world's richest coffee on hand to greet the day, entertain friends, or enjoy during a quiet afternoon break.

At J.B. Marshall, we celebrate the ritual of coffee making and savoring. We believe that every sip should be an experience, a moment of luxury that's accessible from your home. With our 100% Colombian Whole Bean coffee, we deliver not just a product but a journey—a journey into the heart of Colombia and its treasured coffee heritage.

Join us in this celebration of taste, aroma, and community, and let our Colombian Whole Bean coffee become a cherished part of your daily routine.