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Double Chocolate Fudge

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A smooth and velvety chocolate fudge flavor. One sip provides the ultimate chocolate experience

Ground coffee  |  Available in 2.25oz packets (20 packets per box)

Dive into a chocolate lover's dream with J.B. Marshall's Double Chocolate Fudge Ground Coffee. This harmonious blend unites the robust notes of our carefully selected coffee with the luxurious essence of smooth, velvety chocolate fudge, making every sip a truly decadent experience.

Our Double Chocolate Fudge Ground Coffee creates an indulgent oasis of flavors with each cup. Skillfully crafted with a deep respect for our coffee's intrinsic characteristics, this blend successfully captures the rich, creamy essence of double chocolate fudge, promising a coffee experience that is both delightfully luxurious and refreshingly balanced.

The enticing aroma of our Double Chocolate Fudge blend unfurls the moment the brewing begins, turning a routine coffee break into a sensual indulgence. Perfect for those cherished quiet moments at the start of the day, an invigorating mid-afternoon uplift, or a delectable dessert complement, this blend is sure to captivate and invigorate.

Conveniently available in 2.25oz packets, with 20 packets per box, our Double Chocolate Fudge Ground Coffee ensures a consistent, luscious brew with each serving. This carefully portioned format delivers the perfect amount for a full-flavored, satisfying cup every time.

At J.B. Marshall, our passion for creating remarkable coffee experiences is woven into every blend we craft. With our Double Chocolate Fudge Ground Coffee, we invite you to partake in this sumptuous journey of flavor, to relish in the joy of premium coffee, and to join us in our continual exploration of extraordinary coffee experiences.